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Welcome to the Wine Association of North Durham T

The wine club was formed from members of  Vigo, Fatfield and Hadrian wine Clubs who like to taste  and  home made and commercial wines, sprits, beers and ciders.
We enjoy learning about the grape varieties, counties of origin and any other interesting facts associated with these drinks. Our food matching  nights are very popular and so is the murder night where we act out a ‘murder ‘whilst tasting wines.

Some  members make and show wines, ciders, meads and beers .
We love passing on our knowledge to others so they can make or just enjoy these drinks.
We meet  every 3rd Wednesday at Barley Mow community Association at 7.45pm building which is behind the Barley Mow Pub in Birtley.

Email to us  for more information.
About Us Wine Association of North Durham

Wine  trip around the Landoc region of France through the wines of the region. By Peter and Claire Bowes

Murder parties, Theme nights, wine talks, Food matching, Wine tasting, symposiums, Judging wines ,Competitions, fun fun fun..

If you like any or all you will like our monthly meetings.

Thank you Peter and Claire for sharing your knowledge of the area and the fabulous wines you gave us to taste. We were all blown away with the wines.


Picpoul de Pinet  12.5% Morrissons £4.98

Limoux Chardonnay  13.5% Aldi  £6.99Rose


Les Richoises Syrah   Morrissons   £4.99  12.5%


Corbieres   12.5%  Aldi    £3.99

Costieres de Nimes    14%   Aldi   £4.79

Fitou Palais des Anciens, Reserve    13%   Morrissons   £4.48  (reduced from £8)

from a straw poll at the end of the evening the Picpoul narrowly pipped the Limoux in the Whites, and the Costieres de Nimes was the favourite Red closely followed by the Corbieres