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Class- After Dinner

4lb of very ripe bananas                           Camden Tablets
1kg big pump raisins                                1 Orange
2 litre cartons of white grape juice           1 Lemon
Wine Association of North Durham

Elderflower Recipe  From Bob Tarn

 As the elderflower is now in bloom I thought I might send you the recipes for sparkling elderflower and elderflower wine to go onto the net.

Sparkling Elderflower
2 large heads or 4 smaller ones. (Best picked on a sunny day after lunch so that the flowers are open and dry and giving off a nice bq. Make sure that they are NOT the catty type.)

1.25 lbs sugar         2 lemons             1 gallon of water.
Put ingredients into a sterile bucket.(except lemons) Cut the lemons into quarters, squeeze them and add the juice and lemons to the bucket. Stir well to dissolve the sugar. Stand for 24 hours, stirring a few times.
Strain and bottle into plastic pop bottles. Ready for drinking in a few days. Keep a check by squeezing the bottles. They will be tight solid when they are ready to drink.Take care not to wait too long before using as they can burst under pressure. Open carefully and slowly.

Elderflower wine
1 pint elderflowers, just the blossoms. Again picked on a dry sunny day.
1 orange     2 lemons               8 oz sultanas          1 gallon of cooled boiled water
2.25 lb sugar      All purpose yeast and nutrient       Campden tablets

Again collect the heads on a sunny day. Remove the blossoms from the stems as soon as possible. Fingers are best for this. Make sure no green goes in . (imparts bitterness)1 pint of heads, shaken down lightly.Pare the orange and lemons. No white pith. Chop the rind. Express and strain the juice.Wash and chop the sultanas. Add the sultanas to a sterile bucket, pour over the water, slightly warmed.Add the sugar,heads, rind and juice, stir well to dissolve the sugar. Add 1 crushed Campden tablet and leave for 24 hours, covered. After 24 hours, add the activated yeast and nutrient. Cover and leave to ferment for 5 days, stirring occasionally. After 5 days strain into a sterile demi-john and leave to ferment out and finish off in the usual way. Will keep for about 2 years before going a bit flat.

*******a tip! in the recipe. A better wine is produced if two litres of white grape juice are used instead of two litres of water.

After Dinner Drink Kahlua Horlicks

(per person)

One measure of Kahlua (or Tia Maria)
One mug full of Horlicks (as per instructions on jar)
Chocolate Vermicelli (as garnish)

Follow instructions on the jar to prepare the horlicks (substitute the kahlua for water when making the horlicks paste). Add either 2 tablespoons of cream or use aerosol cream which conveniently melts and settles on the surface and sprinkle a little of the chocolate vermicelli on the surface.  I would recommend you make plenty as one mug never seems enough.

Blackberry Wine Recipe for Round Robin

6lb Blackberries
¾ lb Rasins
3lb White sugar
¾ gallon of water
3 Teaspoons Pectic enzyme
½ teaspoon grape tannin
2Teaspoons citric acid
Campden Tablets
Port wine yeast and nutrients

-Stalk wash and freeze berries. This gives more juice when thawed.
-add the frozen berries to a sterile bucket along with the raisins (chopped)
-Pour on the ¾ gallon of water and add 1 crushed Campden Tablets and stir well and leave for 24 hours.
-Add Pectic enzyme, 2lb sugar, citric acid, grape tannin, yeast and nutrient. Stir and cover and ferment for 5 days ( stir 3 times a day to break the ruit floating on the top.
-After 5 days  strain off the lees and put the wine into a demi-john. Fit and air lock.
-Add another 4 ounces of sugar as a sugar solution. Repeat this each time the fermentation slows until all the sugar is added. Leave to ferment out
Finish and bottle in the usual way.
The same recipe can be used for elderberries, blueberries, bilberries or any combination of them.

Banana and Raisin Wine

Class- After Dinner

4lb of very ripe bananas                           Camden Tablets
1kg big pump raisins                                1 Orange
2 litre cartons of white grape juice             1 Lemon
3lb Sugar                                                Nutrient
Gervin no.3 yeast    

· Peel the bananas, discard the skins. Chop the bananas and boil them in 2 pints of water for ten minutes. Strain any scum from the top as it forms. Do not boil for more than ten minutes as starch will come out of the fruit and form a haze in the wine. Strain the juice into a sterile bucket and stir in the sugar until it dissolves.
· Rinse the raisins chop them and add to the bucket
· Add the juice from the orange and lemon add the grape juice and top up to 1 gallon.
· Add one Camden tablet stir well and leave for 24 hours
· After 24 hours add the starter yeast and nutrient. Leave for 7 days stirring 3 times a day to break the fruit cap that forms in the bucket.
· After 7 days strain the liquid off into the a demi-john and fit an airlock Discard the pulp. Leave to ferment out . When finished treat in the usual way. The wine is best left to mature in bulk after fermentation is completed

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