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Making Cider
with Ron Brighton
 4) Press the Apples
1) Gather you apples, try to get lots of different varieties of apples.
2) Wash and sterilise apples with weak solution of metabisulphite.
3)Chop apples. You can hire equipment to help
5) Extract the juice into sterilised  container
Making  a gallon of Rhubarb wine with Robert Tarn
1)  Sterilise bucket with  weak solution of metabisulphite.
14) As if you need instructions to enjoy this great wine!!!!
2) Chop bananas into a pan an simmer in 2 pints of water for no more than 10 min
3) Into bucket add Rhubarb, Raisins, Juice of an Orange, Grape juice, Sugar, Liquid only strained from bananas, 1 crushed Campden tablets, Pectolase and fill bucket with water to 1 gallon. Leave for 24 hours to allow the Campden tablet to disperse
4) Prepare yeast starter as instructed on packet

5) Add yeast and nutrient to bucket stir and cover bucket.
7) Strain the contents of the bucket into a sterile demi-john.
8) Leave to ferment out for 10-14 days.

9) At the end of fermentation add  a crushed campden tablet and leave for at least a  couple of days to let the lees settle at the bottom of the jar.
13) Bottle label and cap wine.
6) Add a wine yeast and a  Air lock and leave to ferment.
7) When fermentation has finished and it has dropped  clear Sterilise the bottles
8) Put a level teaspoon of sugar in each bottles.
9) Fill Bottles
10) Put metal tops on each bottles
11) Leave for second fermentation and to mature (about 6 months)

6lb (2.7 kg )      Rhubarb stalks with ends
removed so no oxalic acid is present.Chop into 1"(2.5cm) pieces and freeze to extract juice.
1                        Juice of a Orange
3lbs (1.36kg)     Sugar
                         Gervin Yeast no. 3
                         Nutrient to feed yeast
2 Litres of          White grape juice
4 oz (100g)        Raisins chopped.
2lbs ( 0.9gk)      Bananas
                         Campden tablets
6) Stir contents 2 to 3 times a day for 6 days to break the crust that forms.
10) Syphon the wine off the dead yeast and top up to 1 gallon with
boiled cooled water. Add finings as instructed on packet.

11) Leave till it clears and then syphon the wine off the lees again.
12 )
Leave the  Clear bright wine to mature in bulk if possible for 1 year ( some hope)